Board of Directors

The Deer Creek chorale is a 501(c) 3 organization.

It is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with state and federal laws.

Board of Directors

The DCC governing Board of Directors strives to implement the vision of the Director and facilitate the smooth-workings of the organization. It is responsible for determining policy, as well as the management of affairs, property, and financial operations.

One of our greatest strengths is a diverse group of 15 accomplished leaders who serve. The term of office is two years, and service is limited to two consecutive terms.

Letter From the President

Strategic Plan
Financial Report

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members

       Sharon Bottcher                        Jennifer Chandler                    Kris Foster                                  Sharon Kachur                          Christine Master                      Lynn Moore                                Jonathan Pearlstein                Lisa Shearer                                Rev. Todd Smith

Past Presidents

Kris Foster (2006-2009)
Stephanie Davis (2009-2014)


Four “standing” committees help promote the DCC’s mission. Each committee is chaired by Board members who may also serve on multiple committees. Choristers are encouraged to become actively involved in the organization by serving on a committee. Please contact the chair of any committee that interests you!

Concert Committee – This committee is responsible for implementing concert logistics such as ticket sales, facility set-up, staging, ushers, etc., and is integral to the success of our performances. It is chaired by Assistant Director Wayne Perry, assisted by Dan Davis, Jeff Koerber, and Blair Miller.

Development Committee – This committee provides the vision, planning, and implementation of our fundraising initiatives. Cris Martin  chairs this committee, assisted by Lisa Shearer, Lynn Moore, Meredith Leroy, Christine Master, Pete McCallum, and Suzanne Zantop. Effective and strategic fundraising is key to our organization’s success, so if you have experience in this area your involvement is welcome!

Marketing Committee – This Committee focuses on all aspects of our presence in the community. It also works on the continuing development and maintenance of our newsletter, website, Mail Chimp email blasts, social media, printed materials, advertising, and programs. Sharon Bottcher is the committee chair and is assisted by  Lexi Morris and Melissa Dick.   Melissa is the newsletter editor and DCC webmaster.

Membership Committee – All aspects of membership ranging from recruitment and new member information to social events (yes food!) are addressed by this committee. Meredith Leroy and Pete McCallum are co-chairs, assisted by Jenn Hayes, Christine Martin, and Mary Sue Shaw.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Website Committee – This committee designed and built the DCC Website and functions as needed. The Committee is chaired by Melissa Dick and Don McGonigle and assisted by Jeff Koerber.  Melissa is the DCC webmaster and Don and Jeff are the DCC Tech Coordinators.

Women’s Concert Attire Committee – This committee organized the new women’s concert attire new to the 10th anniversary season and functions as needed. Chair Cris Martin was assisted by Beth McGonigle, Janet Ayers, Michele Hubner, and Sarah Ross.

By-Laws Committee – This committee is co-chaired by  Cris Martin and Pete McCallum. Other members include Marty Banghart, Sharon Kachur and Wayne Perry.

Other Ad Hoc committees are formed as needed. Please consider sharing your time and talents! Your valuable involvement is always appreciated.