Ambassador Robert Godec, teachers and students at the Great Grevy's Zebra Rally in January 2016

Ambassador Robert Godec, teachers and students at the Great Grevy’s Zebra Rally in January 2016

During the 2013-2014 concert season, the DCC partnered with the Mpala Foundation and Research Centre in Kenya and raised $12,000.00 for the George Small Educational Fund.

The Mpala Wildlife Foundation and Research Center is comprised of 200 km2 of land in the shadow of Mt. Kenya, and is home to nearly 7,000 elephants, the world’s 4th largest African wild dog population, and the globally endangered Grevy’s zebra.  The organization is committed to using research to benefit the surrounding communities, the nation of Kenya, and global conservation.  Mpala incorporates cattle ranching, wildlife, and research all in one.  The Mpala Research Centre receives hundreds of students, educators, and scientists from around the world each year.

George Small took ownership of the property in 1969 and focused conserving the habitats of Mpala and providing healthy livelihoods for Mpala’s employees and families.  In 1989 he created the Mpala Wildlife Foundation and the Mpala Research Trust to fund the activities necessary to achieve his vision.  One of the activities supported by the trust is a primary school for employee’s children.

Marty came to know about the foundation through her friend Jeff Gonya who was a Mpala trustee and their lawyer.  The DCC decided to support the trust and organized a benefit concert in March of 2014.  The event featured the world renowned Mt. San Antonio College Chamber Singers from Walnut, CA under the direction of Bruce Rogers, singing with the DCC. The concert was a huge success, and following the performance sponsors and choir organizers were invited to a post-concert dinner reception at the home of Jeff and Ann Gonya.  The event was a great success!

Today Mpala continues to thrive as a living laboratory.  Recently they celebrated Wild Lion and Elephant Day by taking 91 children from across Kenya on Safari in the Samburu National Reserve.  Several of their elementary schools participate in the Northern Kenya Conservation Clubs.  In May Mpala Research Centre participated in NACOSTI’s 5th Annual National Science Week where they showcased the research and work of Mpala to over 200 visitors at a booth in the Kenyan International Convention Center.  And the list goes on…  Learn more about this flourishing organization that the DCC supported at