Chorister Announcements …


Rehearsal Time and Place

Bethel Presbyterian Church, 4135 Norrisville Rd. White Hall, Md. 21161

Time:  Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Locations and map directions for all rehearsals and events may be found on our Calendar of Events.

Bethel Presbyterian Church

Bethel Presbyterian Church

General Concert Season Overview

Concert seasons run from mid-September to mid-December culminating with our Winter Concert, and then from mid-January to mid-May to our Spring Concert.   Our concert year ends with a final end-of-year wrap-up pot luck dinner on the Tuesday following our Spring concert, during our normal rehearsal time.

Spring 2017 Rehearsal Notes

Welcome to the 2nd semester of the DCC’s 10th Anniversary season. We have LOTS of music to learn so I hope everyone will stick to this schedule and constantly review as we go along. Tuesday evenings 7-9 must be a priority!!  Once material is introduced, it is your responsibility to put it in your wheelhouse. We will use every minute of rehearsal time and when possible, will go back over things already introduced. We will run pieces as often as possible. Clinician Terry Eberhardt TBS.  Please bring water, sharpened pencil, and music in order to every rehearsal.  If you are going to be absent, please inform Wayne and Marty.  Learning Files will be provided!  USE THEM!

Rehearsal and Event Schedule Spring 2017
Spring Concert

April 30th – MUSIC AND MEMORY  overview

2:30-3:30 – Panel Discussion

A panel discussion concerning the affects music and singing have on memory and more specifically, Alzheimer’s. Special guests will include the composer Robert Cohen and other professionals in the field.

4:00 – Concert

First Half:

If Music Be the Food of Love (combined choirs)
Songs of Yesteryear (DCC)
Sing to Me, Shenandoah, Come Closer (DCYC)
Dances of Life (Combined choirs)
 Second Half:
Premiere of commissioned piece (DCC)
Alzheimer’s Stories (Combined choirs, orchestra and guest soloists conducted by Maestro Bruce Rogers)


Rehearsal Schedule

January 10: Welcome, Introductions, Warm-ups 11, 12, I Have Had Singing; If Music be the Food of Love (memorize); Dances to Life #3 If Clarions Sound Pgs. 3-6 unison; The Nearness of You; Alzheimer’s Stories Part 1 The Numbers Chorale Pg. 21 H-I, Speak rhythms Pgs. 5-11 A-C.

January 17: Warm-ups 1-3, My Foolish Heart; Dances of Life #3 pgs. 11-15; Alzheimer’s Stories C-H Speak words in rhythm and put with pitches; Q to end.

January 24: Warm-ups 19-21 Work Dances to Life #1 Wonder; Alzheimer’s Stories I-P Speak rhythms (all about the text!!) Put together Part #1.

January 31: Review week. Work on all introduced music: Nearness to You, Foolish Heart, Dance #1, Part 1 of Alzheimer’s Stories, Music be the Food of Love.

February 7: Commissioned work introduced by composer Danny McDavitt; Time after Time; Dances to Life #3 Meas. 12-23. Alzheimer’s Stories run Part #1.

February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day! Warm-ups 14-16; Introduce Dances to Life #2 Here I Stand and work #1 Wonder; Review Songs of Yesteryear and Alzheimer’s Stories Part #1, work 1st movement of commissioned piece.

February 19″  3 p.m. St. James Concert featuring Chamber and Youth choirs

February 21: Warm-ups 7-9; Finish Dance to Life #3; ALZ Part 2 The Alzheimer’s Stories work A-E; #2 movement of commissioned piece

February 28: Warm-up Music is the Food of Love; Alzheimer’s Stories #2 E-L; Movement 3 commissioned piece; Dances to Life #1 and #2

March 7: Warm-up Songs of Yesteryear; Alzheimer’s Stories #2 S to end; Dances to Life #3;
Commissioned piece

March 11: 7 p.m. A Cappella Showcase at Perry Hall HS. Don’t miss this exciting evening of the human voice!

March 14: Alzheimer’s Stories #2 M-S (speaking mostly); Alzheimer’s Stories Part #3(For the Caregivers) D-H (Eb)

March 21: Review rehearsal. Be ready for everything!!!!

March 28: Alzheimer’s Stories #3 K-end (DM); A-D (FM); H-K (FM)

April 4: Run entire Alzheimer’s Stories concentrating on telling a story!!!

April 11: Much deserved Spring break. Daily home practice please!!!

April 18: Focus on Dances, Songs of Yesteryear, Commissioned piece, Music is the Food of Love for memory.  If time will run Alzheimer’s Stories.

April 27 (Thursday):  Rehearsal with Bruce Rogers at Bethel:  7-9:30 p.m. This is in place of our normal Tuesday rehearsal. Focus on Alzheimer’s Stories

April 28: Merrick Hall at Goucher: 7-10 p.m. with Bruce, piano, and soloists.  7-9 Chorus only; 9-10 chorus and soloists

April 29: Goucher 10-2:15 (please bring snacks/lunch/water)

10-11  Bruce with orchestra (auditorium)
10-11  Chorus only pieces with Marty and Danny (Merrick Hall)
11-15-1:15  Choruses, soloists, orchestra with Bruce (auditorium)
1:15-1:45  Choruses Dances to Life with percussion
1:45-2:15  Commissioned piece with Danny
2:30-4:30 Youth Choir rehearsal.

April 30: Call time 2 p.m. (auditorium)

2-2:25  Run Songs of Yesteryear
2:30-3:15  Forum in Merrick Hall.  Please attend. Will be inspiring as well as informational. Panel will include the composer Robert Cohen and specialists in the Alzheimer’s field.
3:15-3:50  To be determined by Bruce
4:00  Concert

May 2: 6:30 p.m, Annual membership meeting and dinner

May 9: 7:30 p.m. DCYC Concert at Bethel

May 11: 7 p.m. Chamber Choir at Avondell, Bel Air

As you can see, this is a very tight schedule. If we were to have a rehearsal canceled due to inclement weather, rehearsals would be until 9:15. If we have two canceled rehearsals, spring break becomes a rehearsal.

Thank you for your hard work and what a glorious experience we are all in store for!  Let’s make our rehearsal time truly intense, challenging, productive and musically fun.



Concert Protocols 
Concert Attire Guidelines

The way we look individually reflects on the group as a whole and should enhance the DCC’s professional image as performers.  Toward that end choristers are asked to adhere to the following Concert Attire Guidelines:

  • Men – Formal black: tuxedo preferred, white shirt, black bow tie, cummerbund or vest, black shoes.
  • Women – Formal DCC performance gowns, purchased by each chorister. Approximate purchase price is $88. Contact Cris Martin to order.
  • Jewelry should be discreet, e.g. small strand of pearls and small earrings. Please no glitter, jewels, or any color in concert attire without specific approval.

Note:  Out of consideration for others, please do not use perfumes, colognes, or other scented items for concerts.

Concert Music Portfolios

Each chorister is asked to use a black music portfolio with music arranged in order for each concert.  Portfolios may be purchased through the DCC, on-line through our Amazon link, or at selected music stores.

Concert Call Times

Choristers are expected to report approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours prior to the start time of concerts.  This is necessary for sound checks, acoustic adjustments, and final rehearsals, and we must be finished and out of the performance space 1/2 hour before the start time to allow seating of guests.  Specific call times will be announced for each concert.