For Choristers

Rehearsal Time & Place

Bethel Presbyterian Church                   4135 Norrisville Road                      White Hall, MD 21161

Time:  Tuesdays, 7-9:00 p.m.

Locations and map directions for all rehearsals and events may be found on our Calendar of Events.

General Concert Season Overview

Concert seasons run from mid-September to mid-December culminating with our Winter Concert, and then from mid-January to mid-May to our Spring Concert.   Our concert year ends with a final end-of-year wrap-up pot luck dinner on the Tuesday following our Spring concert, during our normal rehearsal time.

2018 Fall Rehearsal Notes

How exciting to begin a new music adventure as we explore a compilation of repertoire for our 12th season! Our theme for the Winter concert is “Glow”, the benefit concert “With One Voice” and the Spring, “A Song for every Child”.   Learning files will be provided for home learning but nothing replaces being at rehearsals so PLEASE make Tuesdays 7-9PM a priority in your scheduling. Emergencies do arise but please make an extra effort to be present. When you are going to be absent, please inform Wayne and me so we will not worry. As in the past, once material is introduced, expect it to be reviewed often. It will not be listed separately. Also, BRING your DCC warm-ups to each rehearsal as well as hydration and a sharpened #2 pencil. Unless you are a new registrant, everyone should have a warm-up booklet. Time and paper are treasured as is the monumental effort of our amazing librarian Donna Gotsch. Please help make her labor of love as uncomplicated as possible. Please be punctual, flexible and prepared when you enter our beautiful rehearsal space thanks to Bethel’s generosity. For each assigned piece, please make sure the measures are numbered. Some folks highlight their part so as not to get lost.

So Here We Go?

2018 Fall Rehearsal & Event Schedule
Rehearsal Schedule

September 18th 6 PM – Welcome back reception; warm-ups (Welcome, welcome every guest); Viva la Musica!; Candlelight Carol pg. 3; Glow (to be memorized); Lux Aurumque (divide into sections and work on tone clusters); Swell the Full Chorus pgs. 3-5.

September 25th  Warm-ups; O Nata Lux pgs. 1,2,5,6;  Lux aurumque memorize pg. 7; Swell the Full Chorus pgs. 6,7; Christmas Joy pgs. 32-37.

October 2nd – Warm-ups; Sectionals: Stars; finish O Nata Lux; work on problem spots of other pieces. Come together at 8:15.

October 9thWarm-ups; Sectionals :Christmas Joy pgs. 21-31; Finish Candelight Carol and work on melismas in the Handel: come together at 8:15. 

October 16thWarm-ups; Christmas Joy pgs. 18-20; Christmas Time is Here; Assign water glasses parts and experiment at home; review all other music as time allows.

October 23rdWarm-ups; Shine on Me (memorize); Christmas Joy pgs. 14-18; Light of a Clear Blue Morning.  

October 30thWarm-ups; Christmas Joy pgs. 2-13; auditions for Light of a Clear Blue Morning.  

November 6thWarm-ups; Linda Hall here to work a variety of pieces but especially Shine on Me.  

November 13th – Warm-ups. Concentrate on memorized pieces (Glow, Lux Aurumque, Stars (with Water Glasses) and Shine on Me); Sectionals if needed. 

November 20th  –   REVIEW!!!!!!! Run the program twice.

November 27th  Dress rehearsal at St. Matthews Lutheran 7-9:30.

December 2nd – Concert 4PM;  Report time TBS.

December 16th 3PM – Kraushaar Auditorium: Messiah Sing-along with the Baltimore Choral Arts. All invited to be a part of the chorus and our own Julie will be conducting a couple choruses. Singers do not need to purchase tickets.

Once again, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the DCC organization. A complete calendar of events is on our website which I encourage you to visit often. Also please visit our youtube channels and like us on facebook if you haven’t already. We presently have 901 likes! Can we make 1,000 by the end of the year? Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile and make the DCC your chosen charity. If you order through our website, it is done! We then get a small percentage of whatever you order which can really add up, especially during the holidays. If you have any special skills to share and/or are interested in serving on a committee/board, please see a board member!

Our local charity for this season is Camp Opportunity. You will be getting more info as the season progresses.  

Now on to another magical season of singing and sharing!

With excited gratitude,


Concert Attire Guidelines

Performance Attire is the sole responsibility of each member and includes two acceptable forms of formal concert dress: a tuxedo or the performance gown:

Tuxedo – Formal black tuxedo with a white shirt, black bow tie, cummerbund or vest, and black dress shoes (shined).

Performance Gown – Formal DCC performance gown to be purchased by each chorister.  Contact Melissa Dick at 410-557-3221 or by email at  Gowns must be hemmed (a rolled hem) to fit at the top of the shoe.  Choir member Cris Martin (alto) is the “dress liaison” between rehearsal and the office and is happy to answer any questions.

Plain, conservative black shoes (small heel or flats).  Jewelry should be discreet (i.e. small strand of pearls and small earrings). No glitter, jewels, or any color in concert attire unless specifically approved in advanced of performance date.

Note:  In consideration of various singers’ allergies and respiratory reactions to fragrances, we request that you do not use perfumes, colognes, or other scented items.

Concert Music Portfolios

Each chorister is asked to use a black music portfolio with music arranged in order for each concert.  Portfolios may be purchased through DCC on-line purchasing with our Amazon link or at selected music stores.

Concert Call Times

Choristers are expected to report approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours prior to the start time of concerts.  This is necessary for sound checks, acoustic adjustments, and final rehearsals, and we must be finished and out of the performance space 1/2 hour before the start time to allow seating of guests. Specific call times will be announced for each concert.