The Team – Marty Banghart, Wayne Perry, Composer Robert Cohen, Conductor Bruce Rogers, and Composer Danny McDavitt


“Thank you Martha Banghart and the DCC for one of the single most moving and powerful musical experience of my life.”

“I am such a lucky and blessed composer to have had my work performed by such wonderful and talented people.”  – Robert Cohen (present in the audience)

“I just want to reiterate what an incredible experience the Alzheimer’s Stories performance was and [thank you for] inviting me to be a part if it. And it appears the performance was equally powerful for both the audience and the performers. I can’t tell you how many people have raved about it. You should feel so proud and rewarded you made such an indelible artistic event possible for the chorus, orchestra, soloists, audience members, the conductor, the composer, and for the many who have been touched directly or indirectly by Alzheimer’s. For all your hard work, you at least deserve a victory on the tennis court!  Thanks again for including me in this fabulous concert!”  – Carolyn Black-Sotir

“Thank you so much Marty. It was a wonderful wonderful experience. I really really appreciate everything and I look forward to working with you all in the future. Thanks again.  Peace and blessings to you and the group.”  – Thomas Beard

“I have learned so much about singing this year and have so much more to learn. I hope that I can continue to learn with the choir. Making music again has filled a hole that was in my soul. (I didn’t realize how much so.)  My soul has been fed this year.  So, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to sing with the choir this year. The DCC group is so incredibly talented, supportive, and wonderful.”

“Thank you for the gift of a concert ticket which became an invitation to Divine healing.”

“Of all the pieces we sang, I thought the singing of “If music be the food of love” was maybe the finest performance ever by DCC and the singers who accompanied!  What an opening.  It brought a tear to my eye….and it was not the last of the day!”

“This choir is made up of extremely talented musicians who not only can sing, but truly have a passion for it.  I am so honored to have been apart of this season and I am very sad to be going back down south.  However, You all have inspired me to join a choir in Virginia from August to December (I emailed them as soon as I got home from our concert) until we most likely move back to Charleston, SC where I will join another choir. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for having me and reminding me about the power of music.”

“…Finally, I offer so much love and gratitude to all of our amazing attendees who made us feel on top of the world as the last notes of The Alzheimer Stories rang out to the accompaniment of your thunderous applause. This entire concert, and that magical moment, will live forever in my memory.”

“The whole process leading up to yesterday really sparked something in me. It reminded me how important music is as an art form, how special it is to us as humans, and how music decorates time in such powerful ways.”

“Masterful, insightful, inspiring performance! Thank you so much for your vision, passion, and compassion, Martha Banghart, and all contributors to this masterpiece!”

“I was blown away today! I had goose bumps on my arms all morning. What a fabulous experience this year has been; a new one for me.” – Jennifer

“That was terrific!! My favorite was the three memories – so melodious – but everything was terrific. The Alzheimer’s finale was so powerful.”

Thanks, Marty – beautifully done! – Bill and Mary Lou

“Grateful to my dear friend and Deer Creek Chorale Director, Marty Martha Banghart, for pouring your heart and soul into creating this inspiring and enlightening performance!”

“Chris and I came to the concert today and it was lovely! Such excellent musicians across the board. I love the expressions on the members of the youth choir. Congratulations!” – Carolyn

“Thank you Martha Banghart and the DCC for one of the single most moving and powerful musical experience of my life!”

“The Deer Creek Chorale Concert today was beyond wonderful. I must tell you that as much as I enjoyed the first half, the second half of the concert was hauntingly beautiful yet powerfully disturbing. Such phenomenal compositions…superb musicianship…and sensitive directing…one of those experiences which is forged in memory as it was truly transformative and healing for me.” – Kathy

“Thank you for the wonderful evening you gave us. The music was amazing. Yes,
I ran out of tissues! I was touched in so many ways! The variety and creativity and the moving music was great!! – Barry

“Bruce Rogers brought that passion to DCC and Goucher last week in a performance that I will never forget… Thank you for that! And for the lifelong memory it created. I had people I don’t even know in church come up to me today and rave about the concert.”

“It was my great joy to have my daughter and her husband attend one of our concerts for the first time, as well as my wife, Susan, and several of my best friends. Susan thought it was the most moving performance she’s ever seen and my daughter (a terrific soprano and Goucher Grad) was stunned by musicianship and grandiosity of it all! She said she will never miss another DCC concert.”

“I want to thank all those who made Sunday’s performance such a success: composer Bob Cohen, Maestro Bruce Rogers, fellow soloist Thomas Beard, the Deer Creek Chorale, the Goucher University Choirs, Dr. Danny McDavitt, the instrumental ensemble, and the audience. And biggest thanks to the woman who had the vision and the energy to bring all of us together–Martha Banghart! This performance illustrates once again music’s ability to inspire and touch people’s souls.”

“I have to say, this concert was probably one of the all-time most transcendent musical experiences in which I’ve ever had the fortune to participate. I can’t get the music out of my head, nor do I want to. I was talking about it today at work and I still get goosebumps remembering everything.”

I enjoyed the concert immensely! Thanks so much for your commitment and hard work! Bravo! – Bob Bullis

“My grade school son really enjoyed the children’s choir”

“I noticed that some of the audience had brought photos of family members with them – and they were so moved”

“This was the best DCC concert ever”

“When the mezzo walked across the stage, I almost lost it”

“You have a lot to be proud of! I enjoyed the concert immensely. To say it was an inspiring afternoon would be an understatement. Thanks so much for your vision and tireless leadership!
Well done!”

“Dear Danny, I attended the Music and Memory concert yesterday – what a superb presentation of choral music around a lovely, and human-centered theme. The piece you wrote was particularly lovely, and of course Cohen’s Alzheimer’s Stories was extremely moving. – Emily

“I did want to tell you how wonderful the concert was and what a great experience it was to work with Danny and Bruce again. I loved Danny’s piece- it moved me to tears. …Al told me that he thought it was the best we have ever done. He said that all the others were entertaining, but this one moved him. He said that he had to stop reading the words because he became too emotional. So, huge kudos to you and Danny and Bruce – thank you for such a fantastic experience!” – Meredith

“I LOVED the concert yesterday! It was absolutely beautiful!!!!! 🙂 What an incredible gift you gave me and everyone there! A big thank you with all my heart!” Love and hugs, :))) – Ruth

“In all my years of singing, our collaboration was one like no other. I loved working with each and every single one of you and wish I could do it all over again. Every single one of you had a beautiful voice. It was so lovely I would not be surprised to look up “beautiful” in a dictionary and find you guys. From the potluck all the way to the concert, I knew it would be incredible. Give my best to the junior choir. They were also very good and I see a lot of potential in each one. Deer Creek has been performing for 10 years and it is very clear now why. If it was not already stated, I wish everybody at Deer Creek the best of luck. – Alec (baritone)

“The performance was so powerful and after reading the program book, I appreciated even it more.” – Mary-Helen


DCC Choir at St. Matthew’s on Mothers Day


“I am almost speechless. Yesterday was absolutely wonderful. The choice of pieces, the vocal and instrumental sound (Ahhhhhh!) the dancing, the appearance of everyone with the corsages….I could go on and on but I know you must have been as pleased as I (and the rest of the audience).  I was moved to tears a couple of times, both by the beauty and also by the longing to be a part of it all. I don’t know how I can work out the time, but mark by words, I will find a way and, if you all will have me, I want to join this fantastic organization.” – Kathy Frawley

“I cannot thank you enough for tracking me down! I had a wonderful time working with your choir, and they were such gracious and talented hosts! It was also a treat running into old friends, especially Judi’s husband Earl. He always took an interest in Judi’s oboe students, and was our chef for studio parties! I’m so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to honor Judi’s memory. Performing with your choir was a real treat!” – Heather Killmeyer

“It was absolutely wonderful!! I was so impressed with the level of talent and diversity!!! You must be so proud and still on cloud 9!” –  Laura Nemec

“Thanks, Marty, for keeping our energy up and pulling nuances from our delivery of a “wonderful variety of music”           – Bunny Mosley

“One of the best sounding Deer Creek Concerts I have attended”    – Jean Sack

“OUTSTANDING, what fun. And to see the crowd smiling, you knew they were getting the words….. ‘Cindy’ was my echo this morning.” – Mary Sue Shaw

“So I woke up singing Harriet Tubman and full of thanksgiving for being able to be part of something so enjoyable during this time in my life. I really look forward to Tuesday rehearsals and consider it such a blessing to sing with my boys!  Thank you for your heart investment in something so wonderful for so many!”  – Sandy Dickerson

“And thank you for your vision and hard work which have made this all possible. My family loved the program, and I love the experience.  My daughter is already excited because the next program is scheduled for her birthday,  December 4.” – Jack Carlson

“Meant to email you sooner. Concert was great. Music beautiful. We really enjoyed it. Spoke with Janet and she was impressed also.” – Rebecca Puente

“Thanks for your creativity and professionalism which was behind the success of such a beautiful Mother’s Day event. I enjoy being a part of this lovely group and your enthusiasm is a bright star shining on us with warmth and guidance. Thanks for a great season!” – Cyndy Allen

DCC singing Carol Barnett’s “Mortals and Angels” with the
DCINY at Carnegie Hall


“…not your typical concert experience, but [rather] full of raucous joy. The text of the work flows with a natural ease, and the music is sincere and without any pretense. This is a winning combination…” – New York Review, Inc.

“…magical; beyond words. I loved the marriage of the bluegrass music and choral voices. The whole performance was spectacular!” – Karen Hartt