Deer Creek Chorale Governance

The Deer Creek Chorale is governed by the DCC Constitution and ByLaws.

The organization is constantly striving for on-going sustainability and growth.  Toward that end the DCC Board of Directors has adopted a series of core strategies and a Strategic Plan that guides its work.

Core Strategy: To Grow In Artistic Excellence
Core Strategy: To Strengthen Our Organizational Foundation
Core Strategy: To Develop and Engage Our Audiences

Guided by these core strategies, the DCC has adopted a Strategic Plan to direct its current work.


The Deer Creek Chorale is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) corporation. Our treasurer, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors (BOD), ensures our compliance with state and federal filing requirements.  Monthly budget reports are reviewed by the BOD.  We operate under a balanced budget.  Deficit protection is provided by our Reserve and Discretionary Funds.

Revenue is provided by individual and corporate donors, advertising, ticket sales, membership fees and grants.  All members commit to providing in-kind services through projects that support the choir and the greater community.

Spring 2023 Financial Update