Betty Banghart Scholarships

The Betty Banghart Scholarship Fund was established to support the development of musical talent in young people in either the Deer Creek Chorale (DCC) or the Deer Creek youth Choir (DCYC). Scholarships are available to youth that are formally enrolled as students in public, private, or home education. Post-secondary applicants must be enrolled (full or part-time) in a formal education program (college, vocational school, apprenticeship, etc).


  1. meet the age/grade requirements for the DCYC membership.
  2. DCC applicants must be at least 15, but not more than 22 years of age on the date of the first rehearsal.
  3. Applicants must have an endorsement from a music teacher/choir director that can credibly describe their musicianship and capacity for participation in the chorale.

Recipients of a Betty Banghart Scholarship will be expected to participate fully as a member of their choir for the full season; meeting or surpassing the Deer Creek standards for attendance, participation, and performance. It is also expected that Betty Banghart Scholars will be exemplary ambassadors of the Deer Creek Chorale and Youth Choir by sharing and promoting our vision and mission with family, friends, and others. Each choir has its own additional expectations for recipients.

Carefully review the Information Letter for your choir choice found here.  Consider if you are willing to accept the responsibility of being a Betty Banghart Scholar. Further instructions are in the Information Letter.

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and announcement of the recipients will be made prior to the first rehearsal of the Fall Season.  Check the DCC Calendar for the exact date.

Betty Banghart

Betty Banghart came to Baltimore as a young bride in 1939. She raised three children and then had a career as an educator. As headmistress of Boy’s Latin Lower School, she devoted herself to the development of young men in all aspects of life.

Betty’s own musical talents were displayed in college, as a member of the Wheaton College modern dance troupe. Her interest in classical music continued throughout her life and she was a supporter of many local cultural activities including the Peabody Institute and the achievements of her daughter-in-law Martha Banghart, Aritistic Director of the Deer Creek Chorale.

2018-2019 Betty Banghart Scholarship Winners

Katie Allen
Sophomore at Hereford High School

Julia Foster
Senior at North Harford High School

2017-2018 Betty Banghart Scholarship Winners

Brooke West
Senior at Fallston High School

Katie Allen
Freshman at Hereford High School

Hannah Hieronimus
Senior at Harford Community College

Julia Foster
Junior at North Harford High School

Previous Betty Banghart Scholarship Winners

Amber McCafferty, a junior at C. Milton High School, is a recipient of our Gold Level Award

Autumn Dennis, a freshman at North Harford High School, is a recipient of our Silver Level Award

Claire Chambers, a sophomore at Harford Community College, is a recipient of our Gold Level Award

Julia Foster, a sophomore at North Harford High School is a recipient of our Gold Level Award

Katie Allen, an eighth grader at Hereford Middle School, is a recipient of our Silver Level Award

Michelle Hubner, a senior at Fallston High School, is a recipient of our Gold Level Award

Sarah Ross, a senior at Fallston High School, is a recipient of our Gold Level Award