A Reflection on Big Band in the Barn

A Reflection on Big Band in the Barn

A rainy afternoon in a barn; it was wonderful.

The drive through countryside to the grounds of Star Bright Farm alone brought 100 people together who had found their jackets and wraps as well as dancing and foot stomping boots. The weather only heightened the intimacy of the venue. Ain’t Misbehavin filled the rafters with their band sound and brought Joan and Nancy to the dance floor bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. Emalyn, Blair, Greg and Jeff’s voices, nostalgic songs and comfy foods warmed the soul.

Helen Norman, owner, and hostess, shared an intimate story about why Marty’s Deer Creek Chorale is so special to her, reminding us of the magic and power of music and the work of the entire Deer Creek community. Kudos to all who worked so hard to make the event memorable, and everyone who contributed to the spirit and friendship of the day! The success of this fundraiser and auction enables us to do what we do!


Courtney Martin, New DCC Chorister