Deer Creek Chamber Choir Presents a Phenomenal Performance!

Deer Creek Chamber Choir Presents a Phenomenal Performance!

On Sunday, March 20, 2022 the Deer Creek Chamber Choir gave a wonderful performance of music to the audience at St. James Episcopal Church in Monkton, MD. Under the direction of Martha Banghart with Lori Geckle accompanist, this auditioned small group enchanted their audience with a fine selection of songs representing story telling, love, and hope. In the story telling selections, I was particularly impressed by “My Chidhood Home” from ‘Three Memories’ written by Abraham Lincoln and set to music by Daniel McDavitt, with a beautiful flute accompaniment by tenor Derrick Jackson, and by the haunting Scottish song “Loch Lomond” featuring soloist Jonroy Canady.

Songs about love were equally stirring, but I really think Dolly Parton herself would be quite impressed to hear Jocelyn Sharpes’ gorgeous rendition of Dolly’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”–what an absolutely stunning performance!

During the choir’s interlude, pianist Lori Geckle gave a rousing performance of Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” much to the joy of the cheering audience, myself included.

The Chamber Choir’s last set of songs all reflected hope for good and better things and times to come. The traditional Appalachian song “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” featured a lovely solo by Kathy Browning. Other favorites of mine included “Abendlied” (Evening), and “Sure on the Shining Night” from ‘Nocturnes.’

The Deer Creek Chamber Choir usually performs in venues too small to accommodate the larger 60-80 person Chorale, and they are fine representatives of the larger group.

-Miriam Long, DCC Member